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Who We Are?

Initially, technology was developed to help human beings in eliminating their limitation in space, time, distance and other matter in their activities, such as communication, lifestyle and business flow. Nowadays, we are entering an agile workplace transformation, where an un-imagineable change might happened in every aspect due to technology advancement. Like a double-dged knife, the new era of workplace will bring up new challenges and new opportunities for HR Leaders, such as automated workforce, millennials phenomenon, high turn-over rate, cultural differences, and other workplace matters.

In order to assist HR Leaders in preparing an effective strategy to facing the phenomenon, Sleekr will held an event named, NEXT HR Summit on November 08 2018 in The Hall Senayan City and we come up with the theme

Redefining The Next Workplace Through Technology

The summit will deeply discuss about technology that is adoptable with the current trend, character, and needs in managing the next workplace and aims to harmonize communication, network, and interactions between individual and the enterprises

Looking forward to seeing you in the summit!

Why Us ?

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